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We are experts in Domestic, Commercial and Industrial fire extinguishing supplies. A family owned and operated company serving Newcastle and the Hunter region since 1969.

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fire extinguisher with dry powder
Dry Powder

Dry Chemical Powder available in 1.0Kg, 1.5kg, 2.5kg, 4.5kg and 9.0kg capacities. All dry chemical extinguishers give maximum performance, especially on highly inflammable fires. They can also be used on live electrical equipment. These extinguishers contain NO CFCs and are rechargeable on site.

fire extinguisher with co2 carbon dioxide
Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) available in 2.0Kg, 3.5kg and 5.0kg capacities. These extinguishers are ideally suited to Switchboards, Live Electrical Equipment, Offices & Computers. It makes no mess. A clean effective extinguisher, non-conductive. Also suitable for use on class (B) fires, (Flammable liquid).

water extinguishers
Water Extinguishers

Water Extinguishers work through the cooling effect of water, to reduce the heat from combustion below its ignition temperature. Apply the jet to the base of the fire, discharge in short bursts keeping clear of the smoke and steam produced.

fire extinguisher with foam spray

Foam Extinguishers are suitable for either Class A, (combustible materials) and class B, (flammable liquid) fires. Giving a good flame knock-down, the foam extinguisher retains the features to both extinguish the risk & secure the hazard.

fire extinguisher with wet chemicals content
Wet Chemical

Wet Chemical Extinguishers are a special purpose designed extinguisher, specifically for use in kitchens and restaurants, where the major risk is from burning fats and oils. These are available in two sizes, 2.5litre and 9.0litre.

Fire Extinguisher Selection and Utility

Fire extinguishers generally are designed for one or more classes. Commonly available are A (water), BC (carbon dioxide), and ABC (dry powder).

The Australian markings are:

WaterSolid RedRed with a blue band
FoamSolid BlueSolid Blue
PowderRed with a white bandRed with a white band
Carbon DioxideRed with a black bandRed with a black band
Vapourising LiquidRed with a yellow bandRed with a yellow band
HalonSolid yellowNo Longer Available
Wet ChemicalSolid oatmealRed with an oatmeal band

A fire extinguisher may emit a solid, liquid, or gaseous chemical.

Type Size Suitability(Class)
Water 9lt A
Foam 4.5lt & 9lt A or B
Dry Chemical Powder 1kg to 9kg A, B and E
Wet Chemical 3.4lt & 7lt F and A
Carbon Dioxide 2Kg to 5Kg B and E
Mobile N / A Where substantial extinguishing agent is required
Fire extinguishers -Class AOrdinary CombustiblesWood & Paper
Fire extinguishers -Class BFlammable LiquidsPaint & Petrol
Fire extinguishers -Class CFlammable GasesLPG & Natural Gas

Fire extinguishers -

Class D

Combustible MetalsMagnesium & Lithium based metals
Fire extinguishers -Class EFire Involving Live Electrical EquipmentComputers & Toasters
Fire extinguishers -Class FOil & FatsVegetable oils & animal fats