We provide Council Certification & Training and can conduct fire demonstrations, which can be incorporated into annual service visits to familiarise your employees in the proper use of fire equipment safety.

The image on the right is an example Certificate of Currency for Essential Fire Safety Measures. In addition to an annual fire safety statement we issue an FPA certificate of currency to be displayed in your premises. The certificate verifies that all essential fire safety measures have been inspected and certified to comply with Work Cover, WHS/OH&S, Codes of Practice, Council, Standards Australia and your Insurers.


Who is responsible for certification?

Under the requirements of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000, the owner of the building must ensure that each of the measures have been assessed by a properly qualified person, and then forward a copy of the Annual Fire Safety Statement or Fire Safety Certificate to Council and the NSW Fire Brigades. A copy of the statement or certificate must also be prominently displayed in the building.

Who completes the certificates and statements?

The Fire Safety Certificates and Annual Fire Safety Statements can only be signed by the owner or his agent and not by the “properly qualified” person or persons.

When is an Annual Fire Safety Statement due?

A Fire Safety Statement must be obtained on an annual basis, from the date on which the initial F ire Safety Certificate (formerly known as a Form 6 or Form 15 Certificate) was obtained and submitted to council in response to a Building Approval, Construction Certificate, Complying Development Certificate, fire safety order or Development Consent. If a Fire Safety Statement has not been submitted to Council on an annual basis from the date of the initial F ire Safety Certificate and has not been submitted to Council within the past 12 months, it is now overdue and must be submitted to Council as soon as possible to avoid a fine and/or legal action.